Outback received a full detail to get a clean start on the summer! 😎_._._._
This GTI was completely covered in iron oxide.  A lot of elbow grease  and sweat later.._._._._
Tahoe complete treatment in and out. Looking like glass._._._._
Platinum package for this beautiful Porsche Carrera GTS 😎_._._._._
Nothing like a nice before and after. So satisfying 😎_._._._._
Customer wanted the sides of his boat protected in case of any contact with a dock or any floating d
Escalade got that VIP treatment 😎_._._._
Pretty happy with how well these scratches came out 😎_._._._._
Because Corvette
Engine looking a little crusty_ Let us give it the love it deserves! 💎_._._._
Mercedes in for a full detail today ☉_._._._
A lot of polishing was needed before ceramic but the results were worth it!
Line game strong 😎_._._._
No filter. All gloss and a lifetime warranty
If you haven't looked under your hood in a while.. you might want to.  This car only has 40k on the
Audi A4 with some nice add-ons came in for a full detail, scratch removal, and touch up
Detailed this delivery vehicle for the good people at Salad Kraze here in Avon Lake
How to properly detail a Corvette 😎_._._._._
Watch out for this #hstuning built GTI.
Exterior detail on this deep black Mercedes
Lifetime warranty protected with Ceramic Pro and worth every penny on this beautiful Porsche
Porsche Boxter S in for a two stage paint correction
Infinity in for some heavy polishing
#mercedesglk got the works today
Had a blast working on this AEV equipped Jeep for Brian at BCT Alarm Systems
Gotta love that smile 😎 Porsche Macan S in for some cleaning up and a nice ceramic coating for ulti
Two stage paint correction and complete detail on this 5 series BMW
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Pretty happy with how well these scratches came out 😎_._._._._